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Vol. 14, No. 3, September 1976 - "Role of Technology in Teaching World Cultures"




(pp. 1 - 50)


Publication Committee


Frank R. Senise (Chairman)

Cheyney State College

Cheyney, Pennsylvania


Sister Dominica

Dallistown Area School District


Tom Ellis

Rose Tree Media School District


Robert Heinly

Rose Tree Media School District


J. T. Lorelli

Bloomsburg State College

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania


Sister Elaine Martin

Our Lady of Angels College

Aston, Pennsylvania


Robert Spadoni

Henderson Sr. High


Eric Wolf

Marple Newtown Jr. High


Neal S. Kahn

Marple Newtown Jr. High




This article stems from the many inquiries PCGE has received from numerous World Cultures teachers with little geography preparation. It pertains to those who seek workable materials applicable to teaching/leaning situations where geography fills the gap in a World Cultures course of study. Our primary goal is to fulfill this objective with pertinent geographical instruments. These will give instructors an awareness of some key ingredients towards fostering geography's function within the framework of World Cultures: 1) Geography's Contribution to the Teaching of World Cultures, 2) A Geography Teacher Looks at the Problem of Space Perceptions, 3) Some Reflections by a Geographer on the Teaching of World Cultures , 4) The Application of a Geographic Inventory: A Model for the Teaching of World Cultures, 5) Mental Gymnastics: Geographic Learning Techniques, and 6) Resource Bibliography.

The Pennsylvania Geographical Society exists to promote effective geographic teaching, research, and literacy.

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