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All terms end in 2026

President of the Pennsylvania Geographical Society

Dr. Daniel Harris

Professor, Salisbury University

President-Elect of the Pennsylvania Geographical Society

Dr. Mario Cardozo

Associate Professor, Kutztown University


Dr. Chad Kauffman

Professor, Pennsylvania Western University


Dr. Brent Zaprowski

Professor, Salisbury University

Executive Director

Dr. Francis A. Galgano

Associate Professor, Villanova University

Executive Board

All terms end in 2026

Editor, The Pennsylvania Geographer

Dr. Ola Johansson

Professor, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Director of Membership

Dr. Darren Parnell

Professor, Salisbury University

Director of Awards

Dr. Tim Dolney

Associate Professor, Pennsylvania State University at Altoona

Director of Outreach and Student Awards

Dr. Jennifer Pomeroy

Associate Professor, York College of Pennsylvania


Dr. J.T. Bandzuh

Assistant Professor at Mount Aloysius College

The Pennsylvania Geographical Society exists to promote effective geographic teaching, research, and literacy.

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