Vol. 11, No. 2, July 1973 - "Critical Awareness in Geography"


Panel Discussion

Indiana, Pennsylvania

October 7, 1972


George Borgstrom

Michigan State University

Peter Haggett

University of Bristol and Pennsylvania State University

David Harvey

Johns Hopkins University

John Stephens

Michican State University

Wilbur Zelinsky

Pennsylvania State University

Vincent P. Miller, Jr. (Panel Moderator)

Indiana University of Pennsylvania


The panel was conceived as an attempt to assess the degree to which geography is responding to the issues of the day. In this respect the members have pursued diverse and important lines of thought on the structure of knowledge and its usefulness in problem solving. While everyone may not agree with some of the views presented it is hoped that the challenge of a fresh approach will not go unnoticed by geographers at all levels, whether in the graduate classroom or the elementary grades. Of course the views are those of the panel members and not necessarily those of the Editors of this journal.


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