Vol. 14, No. 1, April 1976 - "Environmental Education in the Home Community"




(pp. 1 - 52)


Max Slick (Committee Chairman)

Geography Department

Kutztown State College

Kutztown, Pennsylvania


Gabriel Betz

Geography Department

California State College

Long Beach, California

John E. Benhart

Department of Geography - Earth Science

Shippensburg State College

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania


Vincent Miller

Department of Geography and Regional Planning

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Indiana, Pennsylvania


Larry Moses

Department of Geography - Earth Science

California State College

Long Beach, California


Louis Ritrovato

Department of Environmental Resources

Bureau of State Parks


John J. Katana

Indiana Junior High


Beverly J. Buchert

Department of Geography

Slippery Rock State College

Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania




The Pennsylvania Department of Education in the early 1970's approved the first Environmental Education Program in the state of Pennsylvania. The teacher of environmental education was encouraged to consider man's interaction with his natural world as a means of promoting pupil awareness of the total environment.

Environmental education programs were designed to emphasize man as a dominant factor in his environment, the values afforded to man by the natural resources, the principles and practices of resource management and the role of man and his government in maintaining a source of natural resources.

The Pennsylvania Geographical Society exists to promote effective geographic teaching, research, and literacy.

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