Vol. 13, No. 1, April 1975 - "Geographic Analysis of the Past: Trends and Implications for the Future"

(pp. 3 - 6)

Burton O. Witthuhn
Edinboro State College

Edinboro, Pennsylvania


Who among us is not familiar with the daily weather map? Contained in its symbols is a generalization of the circumstances of temperature, pressure, wind movement, and precipitation prevailing at a given moment. From this static observation it is possible to predict for any given location a changed set of circumstances for the hours following using rather basic rules of documented prevailing conditions. Where data coverage is lacking or unusual conditions occur the precision of prediction may be diminished; but, the reliability of the procedure is attested to by the emphasis placed on such weather analyses in daily television newscasts.

(pp. 7 - 11)

Frederick Piellusch
Mansfield State College

Mansfield, Pennsylvania


In youth, aspirations are high, the future is where promise is found, and the the present is tolerated as an interlude en route to the future. America appears ready to turn from this youthful stance to the reflection of middle age that generates self-examination and an accompanying regret that youthful energies are about spent while the nation's failures become seemingly more obvious than the accomplishments. Although the Bicentennial will bring much romantic reflection, a service will be done if an equal amount of honest reflection also occurs. Reflection is productive when, rather than generating only nostalgia, it generates an understanding of the past that is responsible for the present while moving men to plan the future with built-in improvements.

(pp. 12 - 16)

Dr. John E. Benhart
Shippensburg State College

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania


Geography is a discipline that analyzes spatial distribution in terms of areas and relationships among spatial variables.'- Any phenomena that differ from place to place are termed spatial variables and qualify as the elements of geography.2 Generally, geographers want to know what a country, a city, a region or a place is like and what its implications are with other places. The geographer studies the physical environment in order to shed light on the pattern and nature of human society.

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